May 2, 2013
I am looking to buy a used laptop, and these two are the ones i'm debating on. The S415 says it has an AMD A6-5200 with the ATI Radeon HD 8210 4gb 500gb HD and touchscreen windows 8 home edition. The T420 I like because it's thinkpad, so it's durable, It has the I5 2520m with the Intel HD 3000 and NVIDIA NVS™ 4200M, 320Gb HD 4gb ram and windows 7 pro. I know the T420 is a few years older than the S415. My main uses would be light gaming, and just basic computer stuff(Browsing,Skype,Office, and such).Also, the T420 I can get for about $75 cheaper, and I only plan to use the computer I get till about June of next year, when I get my new laptop for college for $800-1000. While my current computer works, it is just too slow, I currently have a compaq Cq57-229WM. It has an AMD C-50 1ghz dual core with the Radeon HD 6250, 250gb HD 8gb ram(Upgraded probably transfer to new computer if compatible) and windows 7. With both of these computers, can anyone give me an estimated performance increase I will see with each computer, and which they would buy for my needs.


Both would be fine for what you want, and both should run things fine for you even past college. The T420 is a solid laptop, very well built, I'd lean towards that. Unless you want to move to a laptop that can play games better, you will be fine running anything on the T420 for years.