Lenovo W530. Won't start, power and charging lights off

Adam R

Feb 1, 2015
Currently have a Lenovo W530 that won't turn on. When I plug the laptop in the charging indicator light does not turn on (nor do any lights). Here is what I've attempted:

  • ■ Remove the battery and hold the power button for a minute to dissipate any charge that may remain
    ■ Purchased a new battery charger
In both cases nothing has changed, it seems like the laptop is just dead. My next attempt would be to replace the CMOS battery but I feel like I should be getting some sort of response from the charge being plugged in, regardless whether or not it needs a new CMOS battery.


Mar 1, 2018
problem is not cmos battery. If you get no light (charging light ) when plugged in without battery, problem is either short somewhere, motherboard problem or dc jack (soldered or external).

1. check if any usb port is shorted : http://bootmylaptop.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/damaged-usb-port.jpg (first pic)
2. Check the place in your motherboard where you plug power cable, does that look shorted?

3. Cheeck above video for disassembly. remove battery and power cable then Remove 1 ram stick, try boot with power cable connected, if not work then remove power cable again, remove hard drive, try boot with power cable, remove power cable all external devices usb etc and disassembly until you can remove keyboard. Now try booting with power cable.

If those didnt help you might need to disassembly more ( if no warranty) and if your up for it or someone you know then buy Lenovo W530 dc jack cable from ebay example i see those are less than 10 euros with delivery. Disassembly and change it. If that doesnt solve problem then it might be liquid damage or motherboard problem.


Sep 25, 2018

First of all, it might seem like a stupid question, but are you sure your charger is plugged in correctly?
Try using a different outlet. If that doesn't work, try this:

Take out the battery, and plug in the charger. Try turning the laptop on.

If this works, your battery is most likely dead. I recommend buying a new battery.

If this doesn't work, your motherboard might be broken, or a component in your laptop. Did you drop the laptop or damage it in any way? Did you spill water over it?
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