Lenovo y510 laptop perfomance degradation


Mar 16, 2016
Hi , i have been playing Dark souls 2 scholar of the first sin with around 50-70 fps ( different in various areas ) , then after few hours i was playing league of legends and my music ( played via windows media player ) lagged , i thought it just lagged and didnt payed attention to it so i finished the game and had to go outside. Next day went back to dark souls and out of the blue i had only 22 fps at area i had 70 before ... i checked in game settings , my graphics settings , power settings , checked for malwares , spywares with spyhunter and avast ... also i cleared everything with c cleaner but still its lower ... so i tried other games ...and all my games run worse just like dark souls , then i re-installed my drivers and tried again without any effect ... also my task manager is not showing anything weird ... i did no changes to my laptop in hardware and there were no major updates in software neither ( updates which required restart ) .... i am desperate

Windows 10

(sorry for my bad english)