LG Blu-Ray player not working on Vizio but working on Samsung


Jan 7, 2014
I have a 3D Vizio TV in my living room, and I have an older Samsung TV in my bedroom. Both are 1080p. For the longest time, my Blu-Ray player was in the living room and worked fine. Then I took it into my bedroom, and thanks to Netflix I stopped going to Redbox.

Tonight, I tried to bring my Blu-Ray player into my living room, and it doesn't work no matter what HDMI port or cord I use. My computer, DVR, and Wii U all work. The LG splash screen shows and then all black

I take the player back to my bedroom and plug back into the Samsung, and it works as it should... I did a factory reset on it, and it still doesn't work. Unplugged and replugged the Vizio... Still nothing...

Any clue what is going on?


Aug 11, 2015
Sorry this is not solution but expressing a similar problem. I have an brand new LG tv and a brand new Sony Blue ray player. When I connect the player to the tv with a brand new HDMI cable, the opening screen flashes every few seconds. I am in Nepal so I have to use a 220V converter for the blue ray. I got too smart and popped in a blue ray disc before making sure the connection is working. The BD has a hick up noise every few seconds, and no mater what button I press, I can't open the CD holder, nor turn off. I have to pull the plug. I plugged in a laptop on the TV with the same cable and it works just fine.
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