LG DVD player - lost visual


Mar 2, 2010
Hi all,

I have an LG DVD player and for some reason it has lost all visuals. The sound still works fine but I can't see any picture. My girlfriend was playing with the settings and I'm not sure what she has done.



Sep 2, 2009
Oh no. You really didn't let your girlfriend touch the remote did you? You are dangerously close to being voted out of the man club. :)

It's really difficult to be able to say "push this button" and all will be fixed. But I could suggest some troubleshooting that I could think of.

1. Make sure all your cables are connected correctly and/or have not come loose....just to make sure.
2. Check that your input selections are correct on the tv and that your DVD remote, if it has multi-function, is set to act as your DVD remote (not TV, cable box, etc).
3. Can you get to a setup menu for the DVD player? If you can, check to see if anything doesn't make sense and correct it there, especially if you can assign which video output to use. If you can't remember what makes sense see if there is a reset to default option and set the player back up.
4. If you can't get to a setup menu then maybe change your cable setup and use another input/output or cable type. Like if you are using HDMI on HDMI input x try it on HDMI input Y (if you have more than 1 HDMI input). Or if you are using component move the cables to another component input or try composite or HDMI. Whatever is available as far as your DVD player's output options and TV input options.

The point is that you need to get to your DVD player setup menu and fix anything that might have accidentally been changed.

Once you fix it find the "beer me" button and hit it repeatedly until your girlfriend brings you a beer. If that works then let me know how you made it work because my wife has yet to respond to that command.
Hope this helps.

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