LG G4 SD card Pic Move to PC


Aug 21, 2016
I want to re-organize and copy pics from my AT&T LG G4 SD card. With a USB cable connected from my one year old LG G4 to my PC, I see the internal storage but NOT the SD card. Any ideas? Also . . . would like to make new folders to re-categorize what I have. How to do that, please?
Thank you very much for the answer. However . . .

Upon plugging the G4 into my PC, a message appears on the phone asking permission to communicate with the PC - I allow it and move on.
I'm quite familiar with moving/copying files so it was surprising to see that the only meaningful G4 sub-folder viewable on the PC was the internal storage and no indication of any SD card, Even though I've been through all the Settings looking for a usual suspect which might be set incorrectly to prohibit seeing the SD card, it is possible I'm missing something. I've pulled the battery, the SD card, re-installed both and restarted to no avail.
I installed Wondershare MobileGO software trial and was able to off-load the pics but that doesn't really do everything I want to do and it's $30 after the trial.
When you first plug the phone into the computer, via USB, it should give you access options. You want to make sure the 'media transfer' or similarly named one, is the option you choose. If you aren't, or your phone is just plugged in to charge, the computer may not see the card.

Once you can actually see the card (which should show when it is initially plugged in) creating folders, etc., is simple. You would just do it as you would for on the computer. Create the folders (and sub-folders) on your computer. When you are connected to the phone, move the items you want in the folders off the phone and onto the computer. Once they are all in the folders you want, then copy the folders back over to the SD card.

I say 'copy' rather than 'move' them back to the phone because you really should leave a copy on the computer as well. Just in case the phone dies, gets lost, stolen, etc.