line out to seperated front, rear and c/w


Apr 16, 2016
A friend of mine bought a subwoofer with speaker outputs.

Now he wants to send audio from his tv to the subwoofer. However the tv only has line-out, or headphone out actually (I think that's the same?).

I thought that if you just connect the 3.5mm from the headphone out to the front input, at least the front speakers would work. but all I heared was a buzzing sound. so I think I misunderstand something here.

He doesn't care about surround but just want the 5 speakers to play audio so it can get as loud as possible..

what is difference in the line signal and signal for front speakers?

How to connect the amplifier/subwoofer to the tv?

why the buzzing sound?

I could really appreciate the help.

Thanks in advance!

I see the image isn't showing here is a link


Apr 17, 2016
OK, a quick search on the model number comes up with a Yamada B-563-34 5.1 system. Looking at that photo, the 5 speakers all plug into the back of the subwoofer, where it says audio output.

Really need the brand/model number of the TV to see what connections it has to help further.
You will need one of these
Most TVs have optical audio out. Connect the TV to the above with an optical audio cable. You will need 3 cables with 3.5mm stereo plugs at the sub end and either the same or 2 RCA plugs at the processor end (some have RCA some have mini plugs).
If you don't have optical it will depend on what you have. You won't get surround sound however if you don't have optical but you can get all the speakers to play all the time by splitting the stereo signal and connecting to all the inputs on the system.


Apr 16, 2016

Wow didnt know that such a device excisted. Thanks for the advice! That would be the prettiest thing to do. They are nit exactly free, however.

But since you both dont mention my attempt to connect the tv's headphone output to the front speaker input of the sub/amp. I assume that it should have played sound?
Can you confirm this?
What i mean is: can you connect a line signal to the front speaker input with 3.5mm jacks?
If the answer is yes than I have to take a closer look at the sub to find out why it doesnt work.
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