Liquid spilled on laptop. URGENT help needed!


Oct 20, 2014
I normally would never have any food or liquid near or around my computer. I think it's really really dumb idea, and would disprove of anyone who did so!

Well for the 1st time, I broke my own rule. I was struggling on a assignment for uni, didnt have much time to get it done. And broke my own rule, having some lemonade beside me while working. Unfortunately, the worst happened.

I removed the power, dropped the battery and had it upside down within a few seconds of it happening.

I got the HDD out, and thankfully got my files off and my assignment turned in on time :p , cutting things a bit fine!

How far do I need to go taking this thing apart, or considering I had it upside down almost right away and the battery out, should I let it dry? Or open it right up and get to the main board with a brush and some isopropyl?

Do I need to disconnect the cmos battery?

I've been in this computer before, and it's not fun to take apart! I could do, but really don't want to if I don't have to.

BTW, it's a hp envy, j111-tx




Jun 24, 2013
Best way is a full strip down and clean and hope nothing was damaged before you turned it off, take it all apart let it dry then clean it thoroughly with isopropyl reassemble and pray to the old gods.


Oct 26, 2010
Was the liquid able to get inside or was it just on the keyboard? You can try removing the keyboard and see if it got deeper in. If you just want to dry it out, a hairdryer works well, but not on the hottest setting, don't want to melt anything. If it's a mess under the keyboard, it will likely be a full tear down and it wont matter if it dries or not.
My niece had a laptop she spilled some Pepsi into and it took a full tear down and a replacement of the motherboard.


Oct 20, 2014
Well, I decided to take it to the air compressor and start blowing it down. I blew under the keys, and saw droplets of liquid come out from under them. So that was enough for me to decide to take the keyboard out, which is the very last thing that comes out on this PC. So everything had to come out.

I couldnt see evidence of liquid on any other components. Removed absolutely everything, and the keyboard is that only thing that's suffered. So I just gave everything a de-dusting while I was there.

Then I poured some isopropyl over the keyboard, and rubbed it around, to hopefully displace the water. Then spent a good amount of time airing it down with a air hose. Then left it for a bit infront of the fire place to dry out. Brutal treatment, hoping nothing would get between the layers of the board and cause a issue.

Went to power it on. I got nothing on the screen and a caps lock that blinked twice. Thankfully, Ive had this issue before and knew what to do. Corrupt BIOS. Probably from having the battery and power removed without shutting down. So I created a recovery tool, and got it working again.

So it seems that everything is working properly, nothing is wet. I was very sure that I had got the water out, otherwise I would have not tested it. Now I'm just going to leave it upside down in the hot water cupboard for the next couple of days. Just to be absolutely sure that nothing is remaining, despite the fact I took it apart and cleaned it.

Anyway, thanks everyone. It looks like I got lucky, and there doesn't seem like there is anything that would cause a issue. Only time will tell. Thanks so much for youre help!
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