Solved! Listen to music while watching TV

Nov 24, 2018
Pioneer 7.2 Receiver VSX-933-B:

Can I listen to music via the optical port while watching TV via HDMI? Then, how do I set up the VSX-933?
Nov 24, 2018
That was not what I meant. By using zone 2, the receiver must be connected to receiver no. 2 in another room.

I want to listen to the radio while watching TV. And then switch between the two sources without losing the TV picture.
The whole point of an AV receiver is to coordinate audio and video signals, so it may not be designed with the capability to deliberately cross up two of those signals. If the AV receiver can't do that natively (search the manual), this problem may be more easily solved with an external switch box.

Rig up two of your speakers to the switch output. Send zone 1 and zone 2 to the switch inputs. Leave the radio playing on zone 2.

  • ■When you want to listen to the TV, set the switch to zone 1.
    ■When you want to listen to the radio, you just turn down the TV volume, and flip the switch to zone 2.
If your speakers need an amp, you can add one between the switch box and speakers.
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