Locked out Notebook by a password that a scammer pretenting to be microsoft

F15 EagleKeeper

Oct 14, 2016
I recently supposley got a virus and they claimed they were microsoft after giving him control he sainot x him outd not to worry he would take care of it after giving him Acsess I could not x him out, he wanted $199.00 ITold\ Him I didn't have a dollar more less $199, He said I Needed to hang up then, After hanging up I restarted my notebook X751MA ASUS he had put a password in my notebook Evrythihg I tried it was 1 step ahead, I lucked up ended up resetting with files it would not reset with out my files, any sgesstions on how to have gotten back to desktop, you could not enter safemode either, and Admiistrator rigts were disabled


Jan 10, 2006
This is a common scam, for anyone else reading this be aware in no uncertain terms, neither MS or anyone else WILL NOT CONTACT YOU to tell you you have a virus. Period.

Never let them on your machine, just hang up, or swear at them and then hang up, your choice, those are the only two options.

As to can we help you, not really, there may be solutions out there but we don't help with passwords, fundamentally we don't know if this is really your machine, so we have a blanket decision that we don't assist. It may seem harsh, but if those words above caused us to help, then all stolen machine unlocks would look exactly like that. Also please remember that passwords are there to protect you, if they could be circumvented that easily you'd be complaining (quite rightly) about that.

I'm not going to close this for a while so that you can respond.
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