Logitech g430 headset playing up when recording - Volume variation.


Nov 10, 2013
After using my logitech g430 headset for several months, I decided to re-test my microphone clarity. I tested this by recording my own voice in several different programs: Windows sound recorder, audacity and microsoft expression encoder. I realized soon that every couple of seconds, the volume of my recordings would jitter, or they would even cut out for a few milliseconds. I had not noticed this before, and I asked my friends on skype whether they could hear anything similar; they could not.
After fiddling with my sound jacks, I found out that I could not directly plug my mic jack successfully: it would not pick up anything, yet I could with the USB adapter that came with the headset (I had been using that)
Does anyone know anything about this problem? I do not have a sound card, perhaps this is the issue.
-Sorry if this is the wrong sub-forum, thanks :p
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