Logitech G930 VS Sony Wireless Stereo Headset, which one is THE best?


Sep 7, 2009
Hi guys, Merry Xmas !
I was going to get myself a present, looking for a wireless headphone/mic uder 100$.

Found the Logitech G930 for 99$, but i notice another headset that might be interesting in promo right now... The Sony Wireless Stereo Headset is 85$, its cheaper, but... which one has better sound ?

Notes :
- Although its called "sony wireless STEREO headset", it seems like it actually has virtual 7.1 just like the G930....
- Will use these on PC. not quite sure if it makes a difference. (btw I also have a PS3 so its a nice "plus value")
- I will use the headset first for Battlefield 3 specifically, but i will use it for music regularly. I dont plan on using it to watch movies.

I need to decide quick as i think quantities are limited and everyone is going to be shopping like crazy for boxing dayyyssss-errrr boxing week...

Opinions ?



Mar 14, 2014
The G930's are a gaming headset, and they are actually good for a number of reasons, but they also have a number of drawbacks.

I'd default to the G930's. They lasted me about 2 years before they started to die on me and they have programmable buttons to activate push to talk voice chat while you walk around the house which is something almost no one else offers. They are also incredibly comfortable. I got Astro A50's and there are a few annoying buzzing sounds that like to come out of the right ear when the mic picks up any sound. I don't recall the G930 having any issue like that.

Do be aware, though, that the G930 has some disconnect issues. It'll randomly disconnect and reconnect as it gets older. Some have a huge issue with it and some don't have any issue at all with it. It just depends on which one you happen to get.
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