Logitech Z-5500 Lifespan?


Aug 17, 2010
Hello.I'm going to replace my speakers for the first time since I got my first computer,which was 1999.I always thought they were Creative,but the logo on them says Cambridge Soundworks.Whatever,they performed so well for 12 years until some satellites died and the bass would go boom randomly,so I think it's time for them to retire.
Now,I want something that has quality sound for gaming and music (not much DVDs actually),AND I want something that can go for like 8 years at least.
I'm thinking of Logitech Z-5500,but since it says "digital speakers" I wonder if there could be hardware incompatibilites in the future,before the speakers die of old age?



Dec 19, 2009
creative bought cabridge soudnworks,

digital speakers doesnt mean anything apart from that it can use digital connection, it is also a simple marketing technique to attract consumers.

the life of z-5500 surprising is long, the sattelites can also very weirdly handle very deep bass, as low as 40 on some videos out there on utube. distortion may still occur a lot on the sub, so this is what u have to worry about, since distortion are more likely reason for speaker damage.

so long as u dont use max volume too often the speakers will last long. they go quite loud too :)


Feb 20, 2010
Anything that takes an optical or coax connection is considered digital.

As for the Z-5500 they are pretty bad speakers in my opinion. The bass is ok but the satellites really suck for highs and mids. The system is only good for bass, the all the other notes sound muddy compared to some high quality speaker or in-ear monitors.

The digital part is useless (at least the optical portion) when you use optical, it would go on standby and it takes 2 seconds to get off standby making it stutter unless you have continous sound output.

It is a cheap and easy setup for 5.1 though. If you want a good 5.1 setup, you would need to buy an audio receiver which raises the cost quite a bit. You can however get a really nice 2.1 setup with some high quality nearfield monitors for less than the Z-5500 but not 5.1. Music only supports 2.1 audio anyway.
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