Logitech z506: Only front right speaker playing sound.


May 27, 2015
I have a Logitech surround sound Z506 and it has been working great for about 2 years now. Recently, after moving to my new place my speakers started to randomly blast static noise through all of the speakers. That has subsided by leaving it unplugged for a day or two. Now, sound will only play through front right speaker.

I went Into the configuration for surround sound and tested each speaker. All except for the front left speaker works when doing the test. Front left speaker works but the volume is much lower than the others. However, when I attempt to play any music or movies or games, the sound only comes through on the front right speaker, the one with the knob and the different connection than the rest of them.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver for my onboard sound card with no improvement. I cannot find answers anywhere else and am at a loss. I'm hoping I don't have to buy a new speaker system...

The pertinent information that comes to mind is that i have an ASROCK Z77 Extreme4 mobo which uses an onboard realtek high definition audio drivers. I have the speaker system connected through the Black/Green/Orange wires.

Let me know whatever other information you may need


Check all the cables, if they are detachable, try new ones to the speaker not working, try moving a different speaker to that connection. If they still don't work, could be the output on the sub going to that speaker location is bad.


Apr 12, 2015
Had the same problem, mine is almost 2 years now but I started to experience / hear some static / scratching / screeching sound on my rear left speaker. It also began to stop producing sounds at some point. I've tried swapping speakers, re-seating all cables even spraying on some contact cleaner, and still the same. My guess is that there's a capacitor that's going bad inside the woofer (haven't tried opening it yet though).
The symptoms seem to come and go and it usually happens the most when I first fire up the speakers.
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