Question long time to transfer small files pc to smartphone


May 18, 2015
hi, i just bought a new smartphone and i'm trying to transfer the whatsapp folder from my pc to it. it took about an hour to transfer 2gb of files that are about 1-2mb in size each, and after an hour the transfer rate slowed down significaly and the the end time went up to 22 hours. on the other hand, large files (600mb X 2 files) got transfered in a few mintues.
is it normal or do i have a defected device? is there a way to check it?
That is rather odd. The folder you are trying to transfer, is it data only or did it actually have the app in it? If it had the app, that could be your problem. You can't re-add apps that way.

Also, how are you doing the transfer? Is it via WiFi, Data, or USB connection? If through the phone's data, that could also be the problem. If through WiFi or USB that should work better. USB working the the best.

Additionally, are you sure there is enough room on the phone for the data you are transferring? That would cause this as well.


May 18, 2015
thanks. there's enough space on the device and i'm using a simple type c usb cable. it's data only.
it's meizu 16th.
oporating systems: flyme 7.1.1OG (android 8.1.0) and Windows 10.
i'm transferring files from my pc to my smartphone's internal storage.
i tried a different a cable and ports and it's the same.

it seems to me like it's defective, because large files take a few mintues to transfer, while small files takes hours (and the transfer rate slows down significaly after around 30 minutes), but i have no idea what's going on.
also, this is really strange mailfunction. because of that i want to ask in other forums as well, but i don't know any. if anyone can recommend a few good forums, it'll be great.
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Well now are you using Windows alone to do the transfers? Or specific program? If a program, then I would try transferring without that and just from Windows.

Otherwise, you may be right about it being a problem. Files should take seconds not minutes or hours (unless huge files).
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