looking for a decent gaming laptop

heero yuy

Jul 25, 2010
i currently do not have a budget (but i'm guessing around £600-£700 i need to check things)

size... decently sized not one of those awfully tiny things you get (i think my current laptop is a bit bigger than an A4 sheet of paper)
screen resolution 1080p
at least a few hours battery life when not doing intensive tasks (like when watching a film) i tend to keep my laptop plugged in most of the time when doing more power hungry tasks (like gaming)
i will probably play world of warcraft on it as well as TERA online planetside 2 and titanfall (and as i said medium is good enough i know tera and wow are not your hardware intensive games but planetside 2 is)
gaming, general internet, films and main downloading machine (i can keep my laptop on 24/7 but not my desktop so with my current laptop i download my steam games on it for transfer to the main machine)
at least 500gb
and i intend to keep it for some time
anywhere that sells in england
standard dvd drive (i have not quite made the leap to blu ray yet)



Mar 2, 2014