Looking for a new 1080p TV


Sep 30, 2013
Right now all I'm doing is hunting down a 40" 1080p TV.

I'm looking for pretty good contrast ratio, and as clear as a 1080p can be. I saw a Sony at walmart a few days ago that enhances the image pretty well.

No curved screens. If it has a headphone jack that's a plus. Also a separate HDMI hub recommendation would be cool too, just in case. My aunties BF uses one for his set up in the living room for all the devices he has to hook up to his TV, which is a Panasonic.

Brands I'm comfortable with would be Samsung, LG, Panasonic.. Though the best ratings I've seen were from Samsung TVs. It doesn't have to be a smart TV either. Online streaming stuff is on everything these days

Not gonna buy used. I usually always buy things new.