Looking for a new laptop


Jan 24, 2015
I have a budget of about £1800/1900

It must have 16gb of ram
And a 1tb samsung ssd
A graphics card with at least 3gb of vRam
Also, must have at least a 17" screen
Weight is not a concern, i would prefer a thicker laptop if the cooling is better

So far i have considered buying the MSI GT70 and adding the ssd myself, but i am a bit concerned with the fact the battery is non removable. From my past experience, every laptop that i have owned, The battery started to loose life after about a year or so, i.e if when new, the battery can supply 4 hours of usage, then after a year it may be down to 2 hours or, eventually it will get to a point where it can barely hold 30 minutes of usage. Does anyone know if this is the same with the msi laptops ?

My second option is the Stratos-17 from utopia (rebranded Clevo P170SM), But again, i would have to order it without the ssd and add it in myself which is no problem. However im abit concerned with the build quality of these laptops, does anyone know if they are any good ? i cant find much about them online, and their quality looks a bit poor..

Also if both of these are not so good laptops, does anyone have any recommendations ?