Looking for a quiet and portable laptop

Ali Tolga

Mar 31, 2016
My desktop computer is "Really" noisy. You can hear fan noise and I've really had enough of this. My expectation from this laptop

1- As cheap as possible, I'm a student :)
2- Good screen, good keyboard
3- Quiet
4- There is no need to run all my games on high/ultra settings. Medium is fairly enough for me.
5- Portable
6- Of course I will play my games on it. Not like the last game of call of duty. I'm planning to install arch linux on it. Maybe I could buy metal gear: rising to play on it.
7- I had head phone jack problems with my old asus laptop, I don't like to buy something that would give me the same problem. Because I use headphones most of time.
8- It's not so important but it would be nice to have a nice webcam.
9- I'm interested in learning blender (a 3d modelling program) I'm always curious about new things.

As you can tell it will be my main computer. I will use it anytime/anywhere. While studying, on travel, in my home, etc...


I've seen that computer in the tech store. Would it do my job ?