Looking for a sub $1000 laptop


Aug 26, 2012
So my parents offered to assist me with purchasing a laptop for school. the ability to game on it would be a bonus, but entirely unnecessary as I already have a quite capable gaming desktop, and buying a laptop for gaming would not ingratiate me to my parents.

Minimum specs I'm looking for are:
15" 1600x900 screen
2.4 GHz dual core/quad thread processor
DVD R/RW drive
8GB DDR3l 1333
500 GB HDD

Ideally, I'm looking for specs closer to:
17" 1920x1080 screen (or x1200 if there is one)
3GHz quad core/quad thread processor (More concerned with speed than cores)
BD R/RW drive (not as important as the others)
16GB DDR3l 1600 (the amount that comes with the laptop isn't as important so long as it is user upgradable)

I'll primarily need it to be able to compile programs, but I'll be using it for other things like presentations, papers, and research. I know my top end specs are well over what is necessary for the majority of the tasks I'll be performing, so I don't mind something closer to the lower end specs, as it will allow me to save money for use on something else. I also don't mind waiting a while, as it will allow me to save money on sales, get windows 10, as opposed to 8/8.1, and get some more money from my birthday to use toward it. I'm also not against building my own or using a custom builder as opposed to buying a prebuilt, so long as it is a cheaper alternative.

Any help would be appreciated.