Looking for a used low budget laptop with dedicated gpu


Dec 4, 2016
I love scouring Ebay for used parts. I built a system for under 200 dollars (excluding my 1070) with a hexa core cpu and it works GREAT. I am now in need of a laptop with 8 gb of ram or higher and a dedicated gpu (even if the cpu and ram in the laptop need to be replaced). My budget is anything under 500 bucks. Also, I would prefer a tiny laptop under 10 inches so it can fit in my backpack (up to 12 inches will do, though). Please provide me a link or the name of the model. Thanks :)


Oct 16, 2017
This is not true. You can replace the cpu easily on my brands of laptops. You just need to do your homework on what cpu you have in your computer, and realise that by doing so you will void your warranty, even if it is a cpu upgrade that is one of tge configurations your laptop comes with.

Some manufacturers go the route of apple, with BGA cpu's which are soldered on, but many laptop manufacturers still use sockets. (One motherboard tgen can support three or four different cpu) take for example my current Lenovo E440. It comes with a i5-4310m. When you ordered it you had a chance to upgrade the cpu to a i7-4712mq. Both of those cpu's are socket type cpus wuth the same 37w tdp. You can buy laptop cpu's from places like Aliexpress. Sure, ypu need to know what you're doing, but for certain laptops, if you do your homework, it is certainly possible.

...but homework is crucial.



Jan 25, 2009
You can't replace the cpu in a laptop.

At least not without advanced degrees in processor design and super expensive machinery powered by super expensive computers running super expensive software.

What is the intended use for this laptop?



Jun 23, 2016
Some laptops use regular replaceable desktop CPUs, but for the most part (and probably especially true in your case, because you want something small) this feature is forgone for "slim and light", making what derekullo said true.
Five hundred bucks isn't a lot in laptop world, and "has a dedicated GPU" isn't the greatest indicator of what type of performance you need. Tell us what you want this computer for, then we'd be of more help.


Starting with the 5th generation Intel Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs all mobile Intel CPUs are BGA which means they are soldered into the motherboard. There are some boutique laptops that use Intel desktop CPUs, but there are only a handful of models and they are expensive.

The smallest laptop with a dedicated GPU that I am aware of is a 13.3" ASUS Zenbook UX310UQ which has a 6th or 7th generation Core i5/i7 CPU and the nVidia 940mx. However, these laptops generally sell for $1,200+ new. The only way you might be able to find one for less than $500 is if the laptop is broken.

12" laptops tend to have low power CPUs them. They are basic laptops and therefore get lower end CPUs. The exception would be the 12.5" ThinkPad X series. An example would be the following ThinkPad X250 for less than $400 with a Core i5-5200u, but it relies on the Intel HD 5500 graphics core. There is no dedicated GPU, it only has 4GB of RAM and a 250GB HDD though both can be upgraded.

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