Looking for bluetooth receiver to handle multiple inputs.


Jan 4, 2017
I just purchased the Echo dot which has a BT transmitter to send sound to external speakers. I am soon going to buy speakers with a BT receiver as well. Last part, I'd like to use my existing home Stereo and send its sound to the same speakers (Logitech Z623) Is there a BT receiver that can accept two input streams without having to connect/unconnect that I can attach to the speakers. I would get a BT transmitter for the stereo.

Echo ---> Z623 speakers /w BT receiver <------ Home Stereo (output through headphone jack)

IT is the BT receiver in the middle I'm looking for to handle both inputs.
Most of Bluetooth speakers / headphones can be paired with more than one sound source, and will connect to whoever asks them to. For example, this one supports up to eight paired devices.

In case of Echo, if you want to pair another device, you have to first "Alexa, disconnect Bluetooth" before activating the other device.
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