Solved! Looking for universal music system for 2 floors house

Nov 7, 2018
Got more than 400gb of Music, steadily increasing, and a 2 storey house .I have 2 Great listening positions : One per floor. I'm Looking for the best set up that allows me to listen all that music (which is stored in One hard disk) in both floors. music is stored at the 2nd floor, where There is Modem and primary iMac too.
What if I would Like to listen to that music standing at the 1st floor ?
I was thinking about a device connected to the hard disk via wi-fi at the upfloor, and this device connected to the listening station at the 1st floor.



How good do you want the sound quality to be? If you are an audiophile, streaming the music wirelessly to speakers or headphones is not going to give you great quality. Streaming music files to a device on each floor that connects to an HTPC that has the music files on it and can serve up quality sound might.

Cheapest solution? Get big speakers and a high powered home theater receiver and turn it up very loud. LOL.

Bluetooth and other wireless options like in wall AC signal sound that gets hidden on a carrier wave don't really sound very good if you are picky about sound quality.
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