Looking help with recent freezing


Jul 27, 2013
I just opened up an old hdd from my old PC, the main reason were the magnets for playing. The day i ot the magnets out i had them in my right hand and i started typing with my laptop with the magnets in my hand, and then they got magnetized and went to my HDD slot near my keyboard.
I thought they hit the similar magnets like every hdd has and when they were there something started making a beep noise. After that using google chrome is impossible, i am only opening 2 tabs at once hoping that something doesnt freeze. Booting up now takes 2 minutes longer before the windows logo.
Did the magnets made the hdd malfunction?
Field strength varies by size of the magnet I think; I've read that HDD magnets can support approximately ten pounds. There is a possibility you caused too much magnetic interference, but it's hard to say for certain.