Looking to buy a tablet: Mi Pad 2 vs Nvidia Shield Tablet?


Oct 12, 2013
1. Is This Your First Time Buying A Tablet? Yes / No.

2. Do you already have an operating system in mind? If so specify (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows RT, Windows 8, etc)

3. What screen size do you have in mind? And your preferred resolution (not required but helps)?

Around 8" but not that bothered. Want to use as a travel tablet on my commute to work everyday. So needs to fit in a small bag and not be too heavy.

4. Preferred Brand(s) - (ex. Microsoft, Samsung, Asus, Apple)

No real preference. Looking at the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 and Nvidia Shield Tablet

5. Brands Not Preferred (specify why) (ex. Hannspree, Acer, etc.)

None, would prefer not to go for Amazon again. Currently own a Amazon Fire Basic -- don't particulalry like their bespoke App Store.

6. How much do you want to spend on your tablet?
Max £225

7. Do you have cellular service? Or do you want the tablet to be WiFi only?
WiFi only.

[strike]8. If you do have cellular service, who is your provider and how much data are you allowed per month?[/strike]

9. Do you want the tablet to be a full laptop replacement?
No. Already have a laptop.

10. What existing apps do you use? What do you intend to do with this tablet?

Commuting tablet. Watching Kodi media, BBC iPlayer, reading comic books, reading news Flipbook and RSS. Web browsing and the occasional bit of gaming. Performance and no lag are my main concerns.

Currently been looking at the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 64GB vs the Nvidia Shield Tablet k1 16 or 32GB versions. Not sure if the Mi Pad 2 can be uprgaded to Android Nougat. The additional resolution of the screen sounds good but from what I've read it kills the battery.

As mentioned, I currently have Amazon Fire basic tablet (£30). Which is amazing for the price, but with only 8GB internal storage, it constantly complains of no space. The OS / peformance is very laggy and the custom Amazon store isn't that great IMO. Feels too ring-fenced.