losing quality when uploading to youtube


Mar 25, 2016
Hey guys,
im planning on making a movie on a counter-strike globalofffensive tournament that will take place this week, and i encountered problems with uploading footage to youtube. I did a lot of research and tried many solutions myself, but im now to the point where im going to need help from you guys.

Before I start, i just want to thank you guys in advance, i have a lot of respect for people like you, stay awesome!

From what i've read, youtube likes mp4 as a container and H.264 as a video encoder, which is what i've been aiming for.

I start off by recording my clips at 0.25 speed, and then speeding it up 4 times on sony vegas pro 13. I then render it in uncompressed avi, using these settings:

Then, i use handbrake to convert it/compress it using these settings:

I also tried to change some values here and there, but in the end it always gives me the same quality once uploaded on youtube
It gives me a very nice looking result on my desktop. Its literally like it is when i play the game. Once i upload it to youtube though, it gets very bad.

This is the end result: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_l-YmJYs7A
Not quite what im looking for :/

If you guys need any other information, just ask me :D
Thank you very much !