Loud Fan Noise


Feb 7, 2018
So I just got my new gaming laptop: Alienware 15 R3 having gtx 1070 and i7-7700HQ kaby lake processor. Everything works great. I play witcher 3 on constant 60 fps.

So here's the problem. When I play the game, my laptops fan are very loud. Its really bothering me.
CPU fan runs at 4300 rpm and GPU fan runs at 4900 rpm. But their maximum fan speed potential is 7000 rpm both for CPU and GPU. I checked it using HWINFO64. So its not spinning at 100%.

And also my temperatures are good as well. Around 70C for CPU and 65C for GPU.

What I wanted to ask is that is it safe for a fan to run at 4000 rpm range even though 7000 rpm is it max potential? Will my fans life end quickly because of it running at 4000rpm range? And are all fans really loud at this rpm? I game a 5 hours a day sometimes even more than that. Is there any dangers lurking around that I don't know of?