Marantz Onkyo Airplay

Oct 3, 2018
I have a Marantz SR 7011 set up to drive 7.1.4 channels of wonderful sound with an Onkyo A 9010 powering the left and right front speakers. When I use AirPlay to output to the Marantz it wakes up from standby, but the Onkyo remains silent. Is there any way I can trigger the Onkyo to join the party other than pushing the go button?
A smart or 12v triggered power strip won't help unless the Onkyo will turn itself on when AC is applied as opposed to just going into standby.
I assume that you can't leave the Onkyo on all the time because it goes into standby without a signal. If you could leave it on that would work fine. Without an input the power draw would not be much but more than the .5w that some countries mandate.
I would say that the amp in the Marantz is comparable in quality to the Onkyo and more powerful so maybe you don't need to use the Onkyo at all.
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