Media Player Classic isn't working?

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Oct 31, 2013
So about a week ago, Media Player Classic worked like a charm (have that K-lite codec pack and stuff but that's not what the problem is)

recently, it hasn't been working, when I try to open up a video file or even just open up the MPC interface itself nothing happens, tried running in administrator, blahblah, also. And Werfault starts running up some bandwidth in the background, the only major change I had made to my computer recently is install Nvidia's latest stable drivers, 337.88, because I had bought Watch_Dogs and wanted a good gaming experience.

I am suspecting a conflict between the driver and MPC, but I can't say for sure, has anyone else had problems with this also? TBH if I had to choose between my movies/shows and Watch Dogs I would choose movies any day, hopefully there's a solution out there that won't make me choose...
Not open for further replies.