Microphone echoes system sound when using 3.5mm splitter

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Sep 12, 2015
I'm having an issue with my laptop's combination microphone/headphone 3.5mm jack. I bought a splitter for it so that I can use my headset which has one mic plug and one headphone plug. Currently, using the splitter, I am getting sound properly and the microphone is picking up my voice, however it also records any of the system's sounds. So for example if I watch a video the microphone will broadcast my voice as well as the sound coming from the video. Any ideas on how to fix this? Currently the recording devices screen only shows the default microphone, which is the laptop's, and the playback devices screen shows the default speaker, which is the laptop's, however both of these seem to be the active device. In the realtek hd audio manager I have it set as a Headset. System sound also goes through the mic even if I use the physical mute switch on my mic, so maybe this is an issue with the splitter itself?

Have you tried lowering the Microsoft Boost? To lower it down, right click on the default microphone then select Properties. Once the Properties is open click on Levels Tab then lower down the Microphone Boost level. Click Apply then OK then try running a test again and see if it will do the same thing. If it does it could really be a problem with the splinter.
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