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Microphone(s) for recording videos on Samsung Galaxy S7


Oct 18, 2017
Dear All,

I will be making some YouTube videos soon to promote my business and I'd like some advice on
products that you feel would be best suited to work with my Samsung Galaxy S7 phone. I'll be
recording videos using the S7 and I have the following questions:

1) In order to ensure voices of actors are very clear, I'd like to purchase a microphone. The issue,
however, is when there are multiple actors, do I need to purchase a separate microphone for each actor? Ideally I'm looking for something that can be hidden from view, but something that still
produces excellent sound quality.

2) A lot of my recording will be done outside, with peripheral noise such as wind, traffic, people
speaking in the background etc. I'll therefore need a microphone that clearly captures the voices of
the actors and drowns out the background noise. Could you please recommend a suitable microphone for this that will work well with my Galaxy S7. Also as above, would I need to purchase a separate microphone for each actor, or will one (properly positioned) be sufficient?

Thanks in advance for your response.


Mar 16, 2016
Any bluetooth microphone should work. Go to amazon and hit search.

However if it is important enough to hire actors, isn't important enough to get a real video camera, a tripod and some lights?

What you won't find on Amazon are tools to turn a phone in to a serious video tool.
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