Migrating to a new laptop, question about thunderbird.


Nov 28, 2009
Howdy guys, mega lurker here. I've got a rather substantial thunderbird data file 2+gb, the main problem is that I have never been able to keep up with the amount of SPAM I get and never got around to cleaning the stuff I should have deleted away. I guess I'm sort of an email "hoarder." Either way, I want a clean start so that I can work on getting some effective spam settings. Unfortunately since I'm a business owner my email address is on a lot of public lists, and thus get pounded with junk.

If I setup thunderbird on this machine, will I be able to eventually import the rest of my messages after I spend a month or two clearing out the thousands of bullshit messages I have? Or will it simply overwrite what I have? Will it matter if I'm on a different build of thunderbird? I guess I'm trying to do with without losing my old emails. If I have to choose between losing my emails and staying with my old junk, I'll take my hoarding past. But if I can, I would like to get this machine rolling.

I figured this would be the most relevant and effective forum since IT is the most experienced in email migrations.

Any help would be appreciated. :bounce:


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