Mini radio station with aux cord?


Mar 21, 2013
We have created a mini drive in with a project/white screen/ and Bluray/dvd player. The main problem is though is the sound quality is pretty bad just playing from speakers outside. My question is, if possible, is it possible to make a mini FM station for our little area that I can plug into the dvd player with an aux cord?

Please state all your appliance model numbers so we can actually help you...^^;

But if you're looking for an audio transmitter to connect wirelessly, I suggest this:
Oh, I sadly didn't understand the whole concept. XD If you want the signal for every car to receive, then I guess the best bet is a high power FM transmitter.

The one americanaudiophile posted is really the best I can see. Of course, you can just go on ebay and search for "high power fm transmitter" for less.

Many of those transmitters are illegal though. xD