Monitor blinks with Active HDMI to VGA Cord


Jan 31, 2016
Hi everyone. I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series laptop.

I want to connect it to my Samsung BX 2050 monitor, but the monitor only has VGA and DVI ports. So what I did is I bought an active HDMI to VGA cord. When I tried it out, the laptop projects fine on the monitor, but after 5 minutes, the monitor starts to blink.

I've searched for solutions in forums and tried them all. I updated my drivers. I installed the monitor driver. I tried connecting my monitor and laptop to the same power source (apparently, that can also be a solution.) I even restored my laptop to factory settings. None of them worked.

Any other suggestions? I'd definitely appreciate your help. :)

Here are my troubleshooting suggestions that may help.
- Start by testing the Samsung monitor onto a different PC or laptop.
- Next is to uninstall/reinstall the graphics card driver of your laptop.
- Uninstall the graphics driver from Device Manager.
- Check Programs and Features as well and uninstall anything to your graphics card.
- Download and install the latest graphics driver from the manufacturer site.
- Once installed, reboot your laptop for all the changes to take effect.