Most cost-effective Studio monitoring Headphones on the market today


Mar 27, 2011
What's the tried and true, most bang for the buck monitoring headphones?

My home setup so you get an idea of what I'm looking for: Rode NT1-A and Jts pdm57 (very good Shure's SM57 knockoff with a different spin) on an M-Audio Fast Track Pro.

I'm intending on using only headphones for my awesomely humble home studio (I know there are million acoustic issues at hand).

So far I was looking at the Audio Technica ATHM40FS, but don't have any knowledgeable person to get an opinion if it's indeed the most cost effective option.

I'd get the KRK RP5G2/RP5, but it's *ridiculously* expensive here in Brazil to buy loudspeaker monitors, and buying one over the net is not a possibility (the delivery would be the price of a little yatch, not to say I'd have to pay exactly +99% over the product's price to our fukcing government+state taxes - no, I am not joking).

I could also build one, but am clueless as to how I can do it. I can get an electric/electronic engineer who could build it up for me for free, providing I have the project and pieces. That's an option, so any advice on this would also be very appreciated.

So, what's the monitoring headphones that are more bang for the buck?

Thanks :)
sennheiser HD280 pro is one of the good choices,
you want a headphone that does not press up against
the earlobe. You want the headphones to cover the entire ear, like a cup.
You will need loudspeakers to mix by, you really don't want to mix something that will be played on car radio- with headphones, the sound will be all wrong.
It can be painful to use a headphone that presses against your earlobe, for several hours.