Move an old HDD w/ windows 7 installed to a new laptop as a storage drive


Oct 24, 2015
Hey toms. I bought a new laptop which already has windows 10 installed in the SSD. I still have my old laptop with windows 7 installed in the HDD. Since the new laptop with SSD only has 250 GB for storage, I want to move all of my stuff from my old laptop over by moving the HDD over to the empty bay. Of course the new laptop will continue to boot from the SSD (Windows 10),

The question is that is it ok if I bring over the old HDD as a storage drive which already has windows 7 in it?

If it is ok, does it allow me to remove windows 7 in the old HDD once it is in the new laptop? and what steps do I have to perform to use the old HDD as a storage drive?

I haven't done this so please help guys. All inputs will be appreciated.
Plug it in, open Disk Management, wipe all existing partitions on that secondary drive
Resulting in one large partition
Format that.