MP3's to Sony Mini?



Hi all,

I have a Sony Mini Disc. I have a ton of MP3's on my computer. I don't think that MP3's can be stored and played back on the mini disc. I'd like to convert them to analogue format and get them onto mini disc somehow. Has anybody managed to do this? Is there good software to do this? There are two ins on my MD. One is an optical input & the other a standard anologue line in. Thanks in advance.


I use my Creative Live Platinium because of its great live drive. The sound card came with a front optical output, an optical cable, and a good program to "transfer" mp3's to a MD.


you can simply connect the output of your soundcard to the analog input of the MiniDisc Portable. set the record level to manual and record as normal. of course thats not the way for best quality but is ok for normal use. I do it that way to record music to my AIWA MiniDisc. my soundcard has no optical out unfortunately.
optical (digital) connection would probably give better quality but I don't know if optical output on a soundcard is compatible with the optical input on a MiniDisc Portable.

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