MSI, Alienware and ASUS ROG (and maybe ACER PREDATOR)


Jul 20, 2016
Here where I live, these are the laptops that are prevalent (not really Predator, I've only seen one). If there's a thread like this already, I apologize in advance.

To me, they all look nice and have really good specs. But my main questions usually include whether or not it's good for its price, whether it has good cooling, etc.

So here are my questions (of course the answers can be subjective):

- If you were to rank them for price/performance, how would you rank them?
- If you were to rank them for their cooling system, how would you rank them?
I'd go the Asus as #1 (have numerous clients using ROG laptops and look to either the Asus or Lenovo first for laptops), second here would prob be Acer, I'm not a fan of either MSI or Alienware