MSI GE70 2PE Not Charging and Burning Smell from Port


Jul 10, 2016
I have an MSI GE70 2PE, not really had any issues with the laptop since I bought it, however a few minutes ago as I was playing a game, I noticed the laptop was no longer charging, even though the AC adapter was connected. I unplugged the cable and noticed both the plug itself and the area on the laptop where it plugged in was extremely warm. I put it down to high temperature from the fan, and plugged it back in, making sure it was secure. Still didn't start charging. I rebooted and still nothing. When I unplugged it again I noticed an acrid, burning smell coming from the charging port area, unsure if it's from the port itself or the plug. I got it to start charging again, however it does seem like there might be a short in the cable, as I have to hold it a certain way to get it to work. Does this sound like an issue with the power supply/DC plug, or the DC power jack on the laptop?