my 60 inch lg wont turn on with remote or tv buttons. but power cycles when plugged in the logo comes on with all the led lig

Apr 4, 2018
tv is unresposive to remote and buttons on tv. the only thing it does is turn on and off with the logo when you put the power cord in. it keeps going like this till you unplug it
What do you mean by "why the remote wont do anything while the tv is doing this"?

If I understand your descrpition correctly, your TV is powering on and then automatically turns off, then on and so on?

Does the power light /power indicator flashes or is colored differently than normal?

Apr 14, 2018

My LG tv is doing something similar just started last night, I will press the power button and it's turns it self right back off before the tv can even pop up with it's logo . . I do not know what to do. I've unplugged things left it for a bit tried to make sure everything was tight and secure. Anyone know what I need to do or what causes this to happen?

Thank you to everyone for their time.