My asus laptop shutdown suddenly when I am working I don't know what to do

It could be a few things. The battery could have run out of power. Something could have overheated. Hardware having died. Bad program, virus, malware, etc. There are other reasons as well.

We would need a little more details to help.


Sep 23, 2016
Did it show any message before it boots into Windows (during boot)? before the instant of shutting down did it make a sound like "Beeb" ? you have to make sure that laptop is well cooled by lifting it up a cooling pad or even a big book but don't block the vents and the fan...ensure the fan isn't making any noise while booting up or while working,if it is a new laptop suspect that it is defective and search for the defect and return it..Ensure that ur fan is clean of dust , don't sacrifice the overheating as it could be deadly for the MB, if that shutting down happen when u open a program then it 'd be that program uninstall it and search for an alternative to it ..if u have recently setup a windows copy then check the file system more important u check ur drivers and ensure that it updated and may be it isn't compitable with that copy of windows then u 'll have to change the windows copy,maybe ur MB is just getting tired if u stay on ur laptop for too long..tell me ur laptop model.