My galaxy s2 wont charge! someone help me!


Nov 8, 2014
I have a Galaxy s2 that used to be my mothers until she dropped her plan. The carrier (tmoble) naturally cut off service. Well, the phone still worked (but naturally you couldnt call or text) but you could still play the apps and games, and listen to music. There was no wifi on it, but when you conected to a wifi signal, it could go on the internet, and worked pretty much like a normal phone (again, with the exception of calling and texting) but then one night I went to charge it (the battery was at 17%) and the next morning, it was at 5%. It hadnt been charging well in a while, but this got me upset, beucase I even left it like that for 24 hours, and it went down. To make a long story short, It died completly the next day. If its any help, only one charger worked to charge it, and even that one had to be taped a certain way to make it charge. I really need this phone to work. My best friend is getting married in a week and I HAVE to record the wedding. Please help me!