my headphones aren't working

I was hoping it was just a cell phone headset causing the issues.

I would highly recommend getting in touch with HP(and maybe trying another set of headphones) at this point. I have very little extra to try over the forums here.

You should set it back to default on speakers and headphones and not communications headphones as I think that should have worked based on other HP systems I was testing on.

Sorry about that.


The operating system is what version of Windows you have.

If you are on 7 or 8 hit the start button and type sound(in windows 8 you have to look on the right side and not search app. search settings) you should see a speaker icon called Sound. Select it

You will be in a Window with a tab called Playback. Do you see the headset listed?

If you see it, does it have a green checkmark on it? If not, right click it and select Set as Default Device restart any audio programs and see if you get sound now.

If not post back and I will see what else we can try.


you place it in [ img ] and [ /img ] brackets. the [ and ]s do not have a space, but the forum would make them go away.




Alternatively you can just post a direct link to it like this.


Ok, first thing that comes to mind is it looks like your just seeing the onboard sound card and not a USB headset. Also the headphones you have connected are set to default communication device(great for voice over ip programs like team speak) and not Default Device

Can you please hit Start + R and type devmgmt.msc and hit enter
This will bring up a new window. Does anything in that section have an ! or other mark on it.

What do you see under Sound, video and game controllers? Is it just the IDT devices and nothing about usb audio.

Do you know the make of headphones you have?

Next time you take a screen capture hold ALT at the same time as you hit Print Screen and it will ONLY take the current window(avoids having all the extra stuff). Then you just past the image in paint and save it to upload.