My hint says: nothing the actual word nothing. I rented a touchscreen laptop from Aaron's and my seat automatically goes forwa

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Sep 23, 2017
My screen broke on my touchscreen laptop that I rented from Aaron's 3 days after I bought because I left it behind my seat and my seat automatically moves according to the driver. Well unknown to me my laptop was left behind the seat in a position where it cracked. I tried to take it backbtob Aaron's hoping they would fix it but no they saidcI have to pay to fixvit and I must pay out the bill even if i brought it back fixed. Well I bought a very long dcmi cord and tried to use my LG smart GV for a screen until. I can get it fixed. But the Microsoft password was changed and the hint is :nothing. I don't kniw what to do . I am not used to laptops I have always just used my phone but Now I'm paying on a laptopbI can't log into it just shows the desktop and asks for a password.
Not open for further replies.
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