My laptop has only one jack, external mic is not working


Feb 8, 2016
Hi guys,

I just bought a new ASUS G771JW (Win10) and as I am trying to plug in my external mic, a window with 3 options appears: Headphones, Speakers or Headset. No microphone option. I tried to plug it into other computers and laptops and they all recognize the mic.

When I plug in a USB microphone, my laptop recognizes it and everything works fine.

I tried everything that was suggested here - drivers, splitter (, USB to jack adapter, various sound options in the Control Panel, but nothing works. The laptop just can not recognize the external microphone.

Please help! This is the third day of trying to solve this problem and I am getting very frustrated :(


Feb 8, 2016

Tried a splitted that you recommended ( and it's still not working. I talked to a technician in a computer shop, we tried everything and I also called ASUS customer support and they don't know what the problem is.

I think it's a laptop problem, because as I plug any kind of jack into the computer, a window with only 3 options appears: Headphones, Speakers, Headst ( No Microphone option (other laptops have this option).

I am hopeless and extremely frustrated right now. I am working on a dubbed movie worth thousands of euros, I am travelling to Denmark tommorow to work with a voice actor and my expensive laptop that I bought a week ago for this reason can not recognize an external microphone.

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