my laptop keyboard keeps typing random letters when i press certain keys.


Aug 28, 2015
whenever i press P it puts a u behind it, and the exact same thing happens when i press u or when i press shift and P is always a capital letter when i press m there's always a ? Put in front of it and an equals sign when i press n. examples = uP, m?, h', j; , n=, y[ , 6- , 70.
You might have to check the keyboard settings if the language is set correctly.

For Windows 7
1. Click Start then type in Keyboard Settings and press Enter.
2. Once Region and Language screen is open click on the tab that says Formats.
3. Make sure that it's set to English(United States).
4. Now go to Location tab and select United States.
5. Lastly go to Keyboards and Languages tab and select English(United States)
6. Click Apply and OK then close everything out then try the keyboard again.

If this steps still won't work try and perform a System Restore to an earlier date when everything was working just fine
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