My Laptop will open a browser and even google stuff for me just fine, but other than that cannot load anything else.


Oct 11, 2012
As of a week ago or so I noticed that my internet connection was running really slow with one of my laptops, for example it will allow me to google and load the search options for me just fine.. but once I click on what I want it to open it wont load.. at all.

The problem only seems to be with that specific laptop, since my desktop's internet works just fine and so does the internet for another laptop that I have.

I have tried using both Google Chrome and IE, I have cleared the Cache and cleared out my cookies, I have also checked to see if my drivers needed to be updated (which they didn't), I have unplugged my router twice, I have ran an AVG scan for viruses and no threats were found, and I have tried using the internet on my other computers to see if it was my connection or just the laptop. As I mentioned earlier the internet worked fine on the other two.

The laptop with the issues is fairly new, only about 2-3 months old.
It is a Dell Inspiron 15, 3000 series. It has 4 gbs of RAM, I have windows 8.
I tried downloading CC Cleaner to clean it up a bit even though I haven't used it as much, but it will not allow me to download it, the page will not load.

Also for whatever reason the internet connection will load facebook just fine which is weird since it will not load anything else other than google. What do you think the issue may be?

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum spot in advance! I'm fairly new here.

FYI I also ran an AVG PC Analyzer, it said I had some registry errors as well as a lot of junk files, I tried fixing it but the link that AVG sends me to does not load at all. ie: I clicked on it at 9:14 pm, it is currently 9:37 pm and it looks like the computer is still trying to load the page for me, no error messages are shown, just looks like chrome is trying to load it for me. Idk if this helps or not, but thought I'd throw it in to give you a perspective on the issue.

Thanks in advance.
You have a broswer hijacker.

Download Malwarebytes from another computer and install.
AVG has not been that good of an antivirus product since the late 2000s.

You may also need to go into all of your browsers and find the rouge extension that is not supposed to be there.
You can list all of your extensions and we can tell you what one is a virus.


Oct 11, 2012

Hi, thanks for the fast response.

I remember having one of those a while back, though I thought I had removed it from my system. I just checked my extensions and there is nothing out of the ordinary. I have adblock on Chrome and Google Docs.

I am currently running a malawarebytes scan as we speak. I'll let you know if anything changes. Thanks
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