My laptop's keyboard thinks that when I press the down key, I press space. Help!


Aug 12, 2016
Ok, so I'm getting extremely frustrated with this. So the problem is that when I press the space key, my computer thinks that I'm pressing down, and vice versa. This is an extreme problem because when I type in the search bar and press a space, it goes down to the first search that it's suggesting. As well as when I go to type in the middle of a sentence and I press space, it goes down a line. It lowers the volume on any video I'm watching when I press space to pause it. When I click the down key, it thinks that I'm hitting space and instead of going down like it's supposed to, it continuously types spaces. Also one last thing (at least I hope), when I press the backspace key, it does backspace, but if I hold it down, it doesn't continue erasing like it's supposed to. I have to click it for each individual letter that I want to erase. These problems only began today (August 12, 2016) and they've been getting me really frustrated because I've been trying to write a book report all day with these nuisances. Thank you for all your help.
Sounds like a stuck key. Try a different keyboard. If a laptop, make sure the keys are cleaned out, you may need to remove and reseat the down and space keys.