my phone service is off but someone is still using my stolen phone how can I locate it through my gmail account cause they are


Aug 27, 2016
Go to Google dash board and login in to your account you will see Android option click will show u all the imei numbers dat which u have used .. Copy d one which u need.. Inform day imei to nearest police


Mar 18, 2017
Log into ur Google account and go to the Google search bar type my account then go to find my device it will bring a lst of all devices that has logged into ur account Then it will let u locate ,lock or ring ur device You can lock ur device but I would recommend leaving it in that way they won't know ur onto them Its connected to the internet it will bring up the IP address that it's connected to You can trace the IP address for free on many different sights I would take screenshots of the process then go to the police with the address of ur phone Simple but I didn't know that anyone that u let use ur device and add their Google account can do the same thing so never let anyone add there Gmail to ur device they can remotely track u or lock ur device Hope u found it I know that was several years but maybe this will help someone looking for an answer