My transformer t100 H wont turn on. I

Nirala Kanti

Jun 26, 2017
I have bought a Asus Transfomer Book T100 H three days ago and I received 1 year service warrenty. Its everything is good bt just in the morning of yester day I pushed a 32 GB emmc card and a usb flash drive for transfering data. When I pushed these it was hanged and C /: drive shows nothing space. I neither refresh nor open the folder. Then manually I command "Restart" and then filliping the cover I went outside. Comming after 15 minutes when aaw it still just stucked on "Restaring" then I forcely by pressing and holding the power button sutdown the pc. Here is the mon problem that after suttong down the pc when I try to turn on it its just flah the power button and the light beside the camera nothing happen on the screen. I tried all the manual process by following your site but nothing happen. When I press the power button and hole it 45+ sec. the screen blinks about 3 times than after goes blck. Please help me. Thanks .